God's Teaching

Young & Engaged; 7 lies to watch for

I am currently engaged and won't be for much longer, so I want to write this while it's fresh on my mind. This goes out to the engaged woman who considers herself to be pretty young. This goes out to she who has fallen into lies in her engaged season. This is me: I am… Continue reading Young & Engaged; 7 lies to watch for

God's Teaching

Trusting with the Pieces

This is the year. 2017 will go down in history- my history at least. Turning to the first page of a fresh calendar, I see God in this year. Not only on the pages, but in the details. I don't know His plans; I don't know what joys and what hardships this year will hold.… Continue reading Trusting with the Pieces

God's Teaching

finding freedom; expectations

Expectations. They demand so much but leave us conflicted. Most always, they are unhelpful and actually hurtful. And most always.. they leave us feeling empty. The culture has set burdensome expectations on our shoulders, and we can find ourselves under that pressure. Several recent conversations have left me with this conclusion: We place so much… Continue reading finding freedom; expectations